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Joanna Ripple, a Stow resident, founded Best Approach Consulting, LLC in March, 2016 after recognizing that seniors and caregivers often need an advocate to help them navigate the complicated healthcare system.   Joanna has worked as a Licensed Social Worker for over 25 years with a focus in Hospice & Home Health, specifically with dementia and Alzheimer patients.  She continually saw these patients falling through the cracks in the healthcare system and failing to receive the necessary services to keep them safe and reduce hospital readmissions. Joanna took her years of experience & knowledge and turned her passion of helping others into consulting for seniors and connecting them with resources necessary to aid in the transition from home to a facility who can provide the next level of care.    


 Joanna has recognized a rise in the need to provide guidance to seniors when staying at home is no longer an option.  She helps seniors transition to the next level of care by educating on the best community/facility specific to care needs, amenities, desired location, and affordability.  Whether choosing Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Home care, she can help guide through this complicated process free of charge. 


After 6 years of working with clients and their families, Joanna has changed the name of her company to Assisted Living Navigators, LLC to better reflect what she actually does to help clients navigate the complex healthcare system.  Assisted Living Navigators, LLC, formerly Best Approach Consulting, LLC,  services stand out from national competitors in that Joanna invests her time not only to tour with the client, but assist in the entire process of transitioning.  This can include guiding through choosing the facility, helping to apply for Veteran’s Services for financial care support when applicable,  coordinating the packing & moving of personal items, downsizing and the sale of the home if needed.  Assisted Living Navigators LLC serves clients throughout Ohio and beyond. 


Please call before you go online for your personalized assessment.  Call 330-554-2757.

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